The most interesting bedroom storage ideas

Bedroom storage ideas for small rooms

These simple bedroom storage ideas can help turn the bedroom into a quiet and cozy place that is ideal for reading, relaxing and sleeping. A bench in front of the bed is both decorative and functional element in the bedroom. You can sit on it when you are dressing, lay decorative pillows before going to sleep, place a blanket or fold books or magazines. Complete the bench with cells for storing or with several wicker baskets and additional bedroom storage is ready.

Try to store items in the headboard. If you like to read before going to sleep, or collect some lovely heart gizmos do a rack and place it over a headboard. You can store a change of bed linen and towels in packages or special covers under the bed. Such stuff is in the the bedroom stores. Remember! Tables are not only for the office, they can also serve as a desk or bedside table.

In the children’s bedroom it is better to place the rack with small baskets in which you can lay children’s clothes and toys. Withdrawable drawers are perfect for storing things under the bed, they can store seasonal items. Use a large wicker basket beside the bed to store extra pillows and bed linen. Mobile rack with wheels for ease of movement can easily be fitted in the most rooms in the house. So go in bedroom store and buy some of these things.

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