Purple bedroom ideas and the colors combinations

Purple white bedroom ideas

Purple color has various shades which can be used in purple bedroom ideas of this area design. “Pure” purple will not match every person because it has powerful energy which can cause even depressions. Despite the fact that in some cases it helps to relax – it is better to avoid using much saturated purple in sleeping room.

However, you can use its softer lighter shades – lilac or bluish. They are more suitable for the dorm than too dark rich purple color. Use other shades of purple: lavender, fuchsia, lilac, phlox, blueberry, blackberry, amethyst. If you can’t decide which shade you like, model future dorm design, using special tools online or simply painting your future comfortable dorm. Do not use only one color – purple, without any combination with another shade.

A good purple bedroom idea is to combine dark purple with warm colors – yellow, orange or pink. Do not use all rainbow colors. One-two shades to emphasize the elegance of the main purple will be enough. If you want to perform interior in monochrome tones, combine this luxurious color with another one, lighter: pale blue or soft pink.

Contrast interiors look great: a combination of purple and orange, or red and yellow look amazing. You can pick lilac walls and purple bedding. Place bright yellow throw pillow on the bed, hang lavender curtains with small yellow patterns. The most elegant of all the combinations is a duo of white and purple, where white refreshes luxury shades of the main color.

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