Modern wall mount kitchen faucet construction

Wall mount kitchen faucet sprayer
Contemporary wall mount kitchen faucet was designed to hide all water pipes and plumbing and to give your kitchen more elegant and aesthetic look. The unit mounts to the wall with the special mount system. Wall mounting method lets you hiding all “extra” elements. They are attached firmly to the wall and then decorative panels or any other design stuff hides them. Modern wall mount faucet for kitchen is roughly connected to the water pipes. It does not require additional hoses and other flexible communication that can break. These wall mount kitchen faucets are very convenient for the kitchen, but their installation requires a bit more effort. You install the pipes first and then close them to give the room a beautiful look.

Also, you can fix them to a special partition (usually made of plastic) and install later it anywhere. Most consumers consider single-lever unit best option for this model of kitchen faucet. It allows you to open water easily and quickly. Recently appeared thermostatic wall mount faucets for kitchens. These new generation units are comfortable, but reliable and safe, differing with the stylish design. They look like a panel with handles. One handel is made to turn on or turn off the water supply, and the other one – to regulate the water temperature. All your settings are saved. There is no need in the future to select them again. Consider the size of the faucet: it must be compact but the tape should reach the sink middle.

Photo gallery: wall mount kitchen faucet construction

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