Maintenance Of 300 Gallon Aquarium

300 Gallon Reef Aquarium Setup

If you are using 300 gallon aquarium, you must pay special attention to its maintenance. In case of good cleaning and maintenance, you can use the aquarium for a long time period. Most of the people don’t have time to maintain the aquarium due to their busy lives. There are some steps you can follow to do this task within few minutes. It is not necessary to spend several hours daily to clean your aquarium. You can follow the steps given below.

  1. Change water weekly

The change of water is most important after one week. If not possible, you must do this task after two weeks. It is very simple to change the water of 300 gallon aquarium because it takes few minutes. You can siphon the water out to put the fresh water in the aquarium. Make sure to replace only 20% water of your aquarium at once. You can repeat the process several times to complete this job nicely.

  1. Vacuum weekly

Do not forget to vacuum your aquarium weekly. This process is used to remove the old food, toxins and waste products from aquarium. This process is most important for all kinds and sorts of aquarium. You can repeat this job after one week to keep the water clean and neat. The change of filters is also recommended.

  1. Remove algae

It is also critical to remove the algae from aquarium because it can create adverse effect on the lives of fishes. Nothing looks worse than growth of algae in the aquarium. It is very simple to remove the algae from aquarium because algae scraper can be used for this task. The use of algae eater is also recommended for such operations. You can easily do this job within few minutes if you have 300 gallon aquarium.

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