Leather ottoman: past and present

Faux leather ottoman coffee table

Unlike the sofa which is simply a practical furniture stuff leather ottoman is a unit with some mystery and history. Eastern nations which designed these comfortable items even have legends about the leather ottoman. They say princess Ottoman who lived in ancient times, was famous for her beauty, and even the city was called in the honor of the elegant woman.

It was the city of artisans and craftsmen, masters of excellent furniture. Even kings used to buy their products to place them in palaces. Their leather ottomans were made to enhance the beauty of interior elements and for the comfort of a person using it. First ottomans in Europe were brought from Persia. Soon these comfy pieces of furniture could be met in any house.

Small benches upholstered with soft leather were symbols of chic and wealth in a family. Leather was chosen for the ottomans as this natural product has an amazing feature: with time it becomes only better. Upholstered with natural leather beautiful ottomans have high quality and they are rather expensive. They will perfectly fit into the classic and eclectic interiors with Eastern motifs.

They can be easily transformed into a footrest benches, seats or even coffee tables. The budget variant is a faux leather ottoman. This material looks like natural one, but costs times less. Certainly, you can’t compare it with the softness and durability of the real leather furniture, and if you have a chance to buy it for less, use it.

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