Large advantages of a small dining table

Small dining table for kitchen

If you do not have a very large family consisting of 8 or even 12 persons, you should better choose a small dining table, otherwise it will look too bulky. The ideal width of such a unit is 80-105 cm. If you pick a narrower item there will be no place for serving meals.

Large tables create problems in communication. Modern small dining tables can be used as occasional tables, and vice versa. If you do not meet guests often or live alone you can use a coffee table of a larger size as a small dining table. Even when your guests come to you regularly, but your group is not more than 4-5 persons, it will be very inconvenient to use a very large table for 12 persons.

Most modern tables are square or rectangular. Such a unit can be placed in the center of the room, and by the wall. Round and oval tables attract attention. They take more space when installed in the room middle, but more people can sit around it. Round units can’t be placed near the wall- they “eat” the corner space. When you need to decide which material you should choose picking your item, consider the room where it will be used in.

Kitchen is the area where the stuff and furniture can easily get scratches, dirt, damages. Thus, pick your stuff among plastic and fiberboard small dining tables. Buying a unit for traditional dining room and a living room, you can stop at a natural wooden table. A great variant for a small room is a compact dining table with a tempered glass tabletop.

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