Different Types of Glass Top Dining Table

Glass top dining table

Glass top dining table can be supported by many options of table base style and material of table base. Materials like wood, stainless, iron cast or granite can be the base of the table with many designs. Whether it is the vintage pedestal base, the classic four-legged base or contemporary style of base, the glass top will give your table a clean and bright look for your interior the shape of the glass top can be variable depending on the design.

Glass top dining table 2

The finishing of the edge can also make a difference on its look if you are the kind of person who pays attention to details. There is the rectangle edge and the bevel edge, the rectangle edge looks more modern with its clean cut while bevel edge looks classier with different angle where the edge of the glass is carved to give more details to the glass top dining table sets.

Glass top dining table 3

The other benefit of the glass top dining table is that the glass top is rather easy to clean. It does not absorb any liquid or grease that might be dropped during meals. The maintenance is rather easy as long as you don’t put too many mass or heavy things on top. The cleaning can e done by usual glass cleaner and your glass top table will look as bright as it should be.

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