Buying a free standing closet for your home

Free standing closets and wardrobes
The first free standing closet was a large chest. Simple it was decided to add some height to the unit to hang there long winter coats and dresses. If clothes in chest were placed in a pile,closet offered the more accurate storing of your coats: on hangers. The first free standing closets were made only from wood, had a very high weight and looked bulky.

With time design of the unit changed, solid wood was replaced for veneer and wooden products, recently designers offered to use vinyl and other modern materials to modify closet. Traditionally a free standing closet is divided into two main compartments: for long dresses and coats and for clothes stored folded (in piles).

The longer area for coats has a pole with hangers, and the other compartment features shelves. although these units are not very popular today as built-in closets, they are used in most homes still. If the closet is free standing unit, it becomes easy to remove it, place into another room, redesign, paint. During the color selection follow simple and universal rules.

Bright, rich color always attracts attention. leave bright colors to modern interiors. Dark colors “absorb” light. Therefore, to make the room lighter, it is necessary to choose a lighter and brighter closet. This point must be considered when choosing the large unit: its color will affect the interior of the room. If your closet is too high, combine it with the shorter furniture stuff: chests, ottomans, coffee tables.

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