Bedroom chest in modern home interior

Bedroom chest bench
Contemporary bedroom chest is a modern version of the ancient trunk – a huge wooden stuff, which contained items of clothing, various utensils, sometimes much jewelry. The updated chest has several compartments. Each storage can keep a certain type of items, which is very convenient.

Classic chest is a compact storage which has a row of four full width boxes. Modern bedroom chests designs and colors can fit into any dorm design. Such a chest usually contains 4 drawers, which you can use for storing there underwear, clothing, jewellery, private things, even documents. However a chest for bedroom is a versatile unit.

If your dorm does not have enough space for a mirror, the low chest with a mirror above it will easily replace it. The top of the unit is good for storing cosmetics, placing an alarm-clock, a vase with flowers, keep a cell phone and a charger for it.Larger units may be “transformed” into TV stands. relax on the bed and watch TV which is placed on the convenient height (the chest top).

Buying a bedroom chest is the easiest way to find the right place for all small things you use at home (in dorm) and do not know where to store. Narrow or wide, high or low, with many or very few boxes, chest is a very convenient stuff.In sleeping room it is the unit to store your personal things. There are different types of drawers available today, for example, the stuff for young mothers:a chest combined with a cot or a chest for kids – a bit lower unit.

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